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Your satisfaction is my top priority, that's why the utmost care is taken and attention to detail is made when working on your vehicle. Only the best products and methods are used for each service. All services can be mixed and matched, and since each vehicle is different and unique, pricing is also. Call (330) 571-4398 today!


Drew's Interior+ (Signature)

Pricing for: Car/ sm.SUV/ Lrg.SUV/Trk./Van*

  • *This service performed at the Shop

  • Service designed to maximize the potential of your vehicles interior appearance.

  • Thorough vacuum and air purge to remove all loose debris

  • Shampoo carpets and upholstery to remove dirt and stains and restore brightness

  • Interior steam cleaned to sanitize and help lift stains with 320 degree dry vapor unit

  • Carpet floor mats and fabric extracted to remove dirt with 210 degree machine

  • Clean leather and vinyl surfaces

  • Steam clean and dress door jambs

  • Steam clean and dress door panels, dash, vents, cup holders and trim

  • All interior glass cleaned and streak-free

  • Extra stains, pet hair and soilage will be assessed per quote

  • Can be combined with Wash & Wax or Exterior Pro+ Services


Express Interior (basic)

Pricing for: Car/ sm.SUV/ Lrg.SUV/Trk./Van*

  • *Express Interior can be performed on location or at Shop

  • Service designed for well maintained vehicles or as a follow up service. Not intended for excessively dirty or vehicles in need of extra care.

  • Vacuum interior

  • Floor mats cleaned

  • Carpets lightly scrubbed

  • Clean dash, door panels, gauges, cup holders

  • Wipe door jambs

  • Clean interior glass, windows and mirrors

  • Purge air vents

  • Can be combined with Wash & Wax or Exterior Pro+ Services

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drew's Exterior Pro+(signature)

Pricing for: Car/ sm.SUV/ Lrg.SUV/Trk./Van*

  • *This service performed at the Shop

  • Service designed to maximize the potential of your vehicles exterior appearance.

  • Wheels cleaned and decontaminated of brake dust and dirt

  • Wheel wells and tires are pressure cleaned and fully dressed

  • Bugs, tar and tree sap are removed

  • Gentile hand wash with microfiber products on painted body surfaces

  • Exterior glass cleaned

  • Clay bar treatment - removes embedded contaminants from clear coat and prepares surface for sealant

  • Machine applied polish removes light superficial scratches and swirl marks

  • Machine applied synthetic wax sealant for 3-4 month protection

  • Additional paint correction steps priced per quote


Wash & Wax (BASIC)

Pricing For: Car/ sm.SUV/ Lrg.SUV/Trk./Van

  • Clean and dress tires and wheels

  • Remove brake dust

  • Clean and dress wheel wells

  • Gentile hand wash with microfiber

  • Safely air-dried

  • Exterior glass cleaned

  • Liquid carnauba wax applied for 1 month protection

  • Can be combined with Interior+ or Express Interior Service

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motorcycle detailing

Call for pricing*

  • *This service performed at the shop

  • Gentile hand wash with microfiber and specialty cycle cleaners, removes dirt, road contaminants and bugs

  • Cycle is blown-dry safely with air

  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned

  • Chrome parts cleaned and polished

  • Paint receives clay bar treatment, one-step polish and wax

  • All vinyl, leather and rubber cleaned and conditioned

  • Motor area detailed

  • Additional paint correction steps and polishing priced per quote

  • Add Polish & Pics Package: Call for pricing


Call (330) 571-4398 today!



* All prices based on average size/ condition vehicle. Additional charges for excessive interior soils, stains, pet hair, or exterior reconditioning may apply. We reserve the right to determine vehicle is in average condition on visual inspection. The final price will be quoted after visual inspection and work agreed upon has been determined. Additional services may be suggested and are available at your request. Additional charge for out of service area may apply. Applicable sales taxes extra. If you do not see, or your budget will allow, we will build a package to suit your needs. Payment is due in full when agreed work is complete. All personal items are to be removed by customer prior to service. Thank you for your business. 

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